Mindfulness for Teachers

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Using Mindfulness to Empower Teachers & Uplift Students

Mindfulness Helps Teachers & Students
- Regulate Emotions
- Reduce Bullying
- Improve Focus & Attention
- Reduce Worry & Test Anxiety
- Increase Compassion & Kindness
- Manage and Reduce Stress



Our inspirational programs are for educators who want to positively shift their school’s culture, and increase the mental & emotional wellness of their faculty & students. If you want a fun and engaging way to present mindfulness to your school, we promise that our trainings & assemblies will inspire a mindfulness movement that can be seen throughout school halls and beyond.




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Mindfulness "Tools for Teachers" Training
(Full Day - 4 Week Workshops)

This training focuses on empowering teachers to bring mindfulness and yoga techniques into the classroom. The goal is to help both teachers and students improve their overall well being as well to create a positive environment for learning to thrive.

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Intro Presentation

This is the perfect way to introduce mindfulness to faculty or parents and learn practical tools that can be put into immediate practice.

Motivational Mindfulness Assemblies
(30-60 Minute Assembly or Workshop)

The assembly will give students an understanding of what mindfulness is, as well as give them tools they can use and put into immediate practice to better their lives. Students will develop compassion for others and be more equipped to safely manage their negative emotions. Everything adds up to a decrease in the expression of emotions through bullying, and an increase in overall wellness, performance, and happiness in the classroom. 

Mindfulness & Mindset
Mindful Approach to Bullying

After School Programs

Offer the much needed gift of mindfulness into your after school programs. Program duration and length can be fit to accommodate staff needs.


Mindfulness is about more than just calming down. It’s a pathway to knowing oneself deeper, and connecting to our hopes and dreams. Every adult and child deserves this.


What Teachers are Saying


Program Director

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Lou Redmond is a leading wellness expert, Author, & Certified Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher. In a playful and engaging way, Lou offers a unique approach to bringing mindfulness into the classroom. 

At 15 years old, Lou started drinking because he didn't have a way to handle his emotions. It was only after ten years of alcohol abuse did he find meditation and transform his life. His mission is now to help students avoid that same path by creating an environment of mindfulness in the school. 

Lou speaks on mindfulness to teachers & students at schools across the country. He mentors youth through private mindfulness sessions and teaches weekly classes in person and online through the meditation app, Insight Timer. 

You can find out more about Lou and his work at louredmond.com


Email: lou@louredmond.com

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